The Science Of Science Education

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As I look back at my science education, I cannot recall a lot of details about my science classes or my science teachers. I tend to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to science. Science is a subject that did not come easily to me. I had to spend a lot of hours each week studying in order to be able to pass the test for that week. Although I spent many hours studying every week for a test, I found myself not being able to recall the information I had studied once the test was over with. Because of this, I am not satisfied with my level of knowledge of science nor am I confident in my understanding of science. I believe that if I would have had more teachers to make science fun, I would have learned a lot more information. As for my love/hate relationship with science, I love science when it is fun, but I hate science when it is just reading a textbook and doing worksheets. Most of my teachers did not make science fun. These teachers had the class reading the textbook out loud in class, doing a lot of worksheets, and doing the questions at the end of the chapters in the textbook. I despised having to read aloud in class because I was a shy person. Every time the teacher would call my name to read out loud I would start to panic. My face would turn blood red, I would start sweating, and I would get tongue tied while I was reading. This alone made me dread going to science class. These same teachers made the class to a bunch of worksheets. There were some days that we
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