The Science Of The Earth Essay

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Introduction The science that is connected with planet earth encompasses geosciences or earth science among others. Containing old histories, this is considered as a part of planetary science while it possesses holistic and reductionist approaches in the science of the planet Earth. This discipline can cope with lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere or hydrosphere. Quantitative understanding has been developed by the scientists to understand the ground systems with the tools by mathematics, physics, chronology, biology, chemistry alike that help to know how the universe is evolved. Deliberations According to a news release from NASA, coronal mass ejections caused by geomagnetic storms have been enhanced in strength; as from G1 to G5, they were rated G3 in 2012. The earth planet is surrounded and by bubbles of magnetic fields while rapid changes in the earth magnetosphere were witnessed due to activities that happened on sun that caused a geomagnetic storm. With earth’s magnetic fields, coronal mass ejections were mingled; as a result, the wind became mild in intensity reported in the month of March in the corresponding year (Philips, 2009). On the other hand, the geomagnetic storms have been intensified and enhanced in their frequency as magnetic fields of coronal mass ejections indulges with that of the earth that causes change of direction and leave more radiation and magnetic energy into the environment of the planet earth. Solar Hemispheric Observatory and Solar

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