The Science Of The Earth

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Everything that surrounds us, when we’re young, we call nature. Over time, as our knowledge progresses and we realize that our views expand far beyond our buildings, streets, our backyards, city, continent ... Our planet is a speck of dust in the solar system. Depending on the development of human society in different periods of human history, the way in which the universe is interpreted was changing. It started from the interpretation of the Earth as a flat plate that floats on water, than the hypothesis of the Big Bang, and about what will happen in the future we cannot even imagine. Every human epoch had some idea of their universe, so it is today. For this assignment, we had to gather at least three people outside the classroom, and…show more content…
I knew that they do not have some special knowledge of astronomy, especially my parents. However, I knew they were happy to help me with the assignment, and they will do it with pleasure. So it was. When I told them that I need their help, they were happy they could help. When it comes to school and good grades, parents will do anything to help me. My sister was not so excited about the astronomy conversation, but she still helped and took part in the conversation. Last weekend we had a brief conversation and preparation for next weekend, for a real conversation. I have decided that the main topic would be about the stars and the planets. I told them to feel free to do a research about the stars and planets. I also did some additional research, I made notes. After taking this class, I was ready and confident to talk about stars and planets. I have decided that we will also use the computer; with the pictures, it will just be more interesting. The conversation took place in our living room on Sunday, November 2nd. It lasted for about an hour. I found it very interesting to see my parents holding the notes, and waiting for the conversation to begin. However, my sister still was not excited to be a part of this conversation. Mom took care of sweets and drinks, and the conversation could begin. Although we agreed about the topics of the conversation, my mother wanted to start with the religious aspect of space. We allowed her to start on her way. I could have guessed
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