The Science Of The Food

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ave you ever thought about the science perspective in the food you eat ? We know science plays a major role in life. Science has made a big change in life throughout the years. Using biotechnology and food contaminations in our food productions, there have been food genetically altered. We know vegetables and other food we buy are bigger in size than usual.We see the shape also looking different. We know people inject chemicals into them but we never go into further details understanding why the food we eat is like that. The food we eat are mostly all genetically modified. Genetically Modified foods are used widespread throughout the world. With the uses of technology genetically modified foods are genetically being modified using…show more content…
According to a company Monsanto Company , the DNA from many different organisms is the same which means it is made from the same material.
There have been many questions raised whether genetically modified foods are good or bad and whether it should be continued to be sold throughout the world.Many people agree that there are many benefits but there are people explaining the risk effects on health and what negative effect it is producing. Genetically engineered foods were made to decrease the hunger in the world but according Doug Gurian Sherman a study done for twenty years showing no decrease in hunger. Genetically Modified foods were able to produce foods that are rich in supplement and nutrients. People that are living in developing countries do not have the ability to eat foods that are rich in supplements and by consuming genetically modified foods , it provides a good amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in their diet. They are also resistant to environmental conditions as well as pests so we can therefore see a rapid increase in food which therefore reduces the starvation among people in countries. There will be more food which will help farmers with a better yield in making crops so they can be able to live through a drought or cold and resist various diseases. There will also be less stress on the environment around us . By using various science there has been better changes to the earth. Crops that are built are able to resist pests for the
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