The Science Of Yoga And How Does It Affect Human Beings Bodies Or Even Minds?

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Purpose & Audience Assignment Carmen Lupsac 1. The Science of Yoga Description: This article is about the science behind yoga. The big question is “How does it affect human beings bodies or even minds?” Author Alice Walton references a therapist named Stephen Cope that has done an immense amount of scientific research behind yoga. This research informs the readers about how yoga does not only dampen the body’s stress response but it also boosts levels of the feel-good brain chemicals that are responsible for feelings of relaxation and contentedness. This article helps sees the amazing results that yoga can do to your body and even mind. “Yoga balances the body, the hormonal system, and the stress response. People tend to think of yoga as being all about flexibility – it’s not. It’s about rebalancing and healing the body.” Intended Audience: The intended audience is for anyone that is willing to make a change in their lives. Whether it is for their physical self or completely only for their minds to let go of some of their everyday stress. In other words this article is aimed at people who are feeling stressed, overworked or just worried about their health. The biggest audience that would be affected by this article would most likely be young professionals as they have a lot of stress in their lives starting their careers. As well this yoga article can even be intended for a younger generation for the teenagers who need to overcome an electronic overload. Everyday
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