The Science : The Adventure, The Passion

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This course in it 's self provides knowledge more extensively into not just making a 'pretty ' plate. It brings out the knowledge, the science of how it becomes to be, what it is in front of you. This provides such a base to create more and explore more knowledge about food. Before this class, i never truly realized what behold inside my oven, what simple but complex moves of the hand can help create a masterpiece of delicious cuisine. What it truly meant to hold a masterpiece of a tool in you 're hand. I now cannot stand the knives i have used for years in my kitchen growing up, now realizing what they lack in sharpness, but also in creativity. There have been three main key factors i have realized in my few weeks of beginning my path into such a broad career, The Science, The Adventure, The Passion. These have stuck out the most to me.

The science i never could have believed to be so complex but so simple. You don 't realize what little differences you can make while it be cooking or baking, by changing a few minor things in a recipe or even by the way you prepare and cook it. These can make either a minor change or even perhaps create a better piece of art to have someone enjoy. When thinking about food science certain factors come to mind, cooking method, flavour, ingredients, and seasoning. I was never a cook before this program nor close to the knowledge most of these students hold and grasp. Having true value in your ingredients are so crucial in a dish. Having…

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