The Science Workshop, South Hall Middle School Parent Nights

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Over the course of this spring semester, I have spent 40 hours volunteering at numerous locations. These locations include Lumpkin County, Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK!), the 2016 Science Olympiad, the Science Workshop, South Hall middle school parent nights and also field trips on the Gainesville Campus. As I observed at these locations and events, there is a great diversity of students, not only ethnically but learning styles, behaviors, motivation for success. There was also an array of age, gender, exceptionalities, socio-economic status (SES), cultural backgrounds along with many different educational aspects. I also had the privilege in some of these locations to witness parent involvement and reactions, which I think is very important in the education of students. In this class, we learned about educational psychology and how to incorporate it into our teaching, classrooms and even outside of our classrooms. I chose to discuss exceptional learners, student diversity and assessment. There are many factors that make a student care for education and furthering their education. I feel through the locations I was able to observe and the content of the course has helped me to find ways to better engagement for my classroom as a future educator. Hall County is where many of my observation hours were completed and also the county in which the University of North Georgia – Gainesville campus is. Hall county is populated by forty-seven percent of Caucasians. Hispanics…
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