The Scientific And Ethical Considerations Of Art Technology

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Many factors have influenced the history and technology of painting such as geography, religion, national characteristics, historic events, and the development of new paint technology which help to shape society. In this paper I will start off by discussing the various technologies and tools that are used in painting today. Next I will go over the history as well as the earliest form of paintings which help shape society in that specific period of time. I will also discuss some of the new technological advancements in painting and other forms of art. I will go over the sociological and ethical considerations of art technology. This paper will also discuss the various paintings that were either influential or controversial for society as…show more content…
Then there was the use of oil paintings and paint brushes. Paint brushes were first used throughout the prehistoric times, when wall and cave drawings that used some type of brush. Brushes have been discovered in Egypt, which were made from split palm leaves, and were also used by the ancient Greek and Romans. Today the technological artist would use forms of spray brushes or robotic painting which is controlled digitally. Painting tools have come a long way from using simple brushes to robotic painting. Without the innovations in the tools of painting, our society’s vision of art would not look the same.
The two pictures below shows a cave painting from the early prehistoric and Egyptian Pyramids. The cave paintings from prehistoric days showing the type of artwork and also shows the dirt and other forms of liquid used to make the painting. These paintings were also painted on the floors, ceilings, and other ancient rocks forms. Cave painting such as the picture above helped society record their life teachings and encapsulates what time was like during these prehistoric times. Cave paintings also brought much history on the different forms of art that were available to create. Egyptian pyramids were also a huge stepping stone in constructing large architecture. These large monuments provided a sort of blueprint on how the structures were made that time. Civilization around that time did not have much
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