The Scientific And Medical Evidence Of Turmeric Essay

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In this paper, I will be discussing the scientific and medical evidence of turmeric. First I will be talking about the scientific evidence proving that turmeric does really work. Next, I will be talking about specific clinical trials comparing turmeric and curcumin to medications and drugs for treating cancers and diseases. Lastly, I will mention all of the chemical components contained in turmeric that makes it so powerful. I believe these topics about turemric, let alone any other herb or product, are the most important to research and know about before putting them into your body. Science relies on evidence. A lot of us need proof that something will work, and this is where scientific evidence comes in because it’s the real deal. How could you do wrong? Scientific Evidence Mentioned many times, turmeric has been known to be one of the most powerful and effective herbs out there. Science has confirmed that it is as effective as 14 drugs. Ten of these drugs have been compared to turmeric and have proven that turmeric is extremely powerful in its healing properties. The ten drugs are: “anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants [Prozac], chemotherapy, anti-coagulants [Asprin], pain killers, diabetes drugs [Metformin], arthritis medications, inflammatory bowel disease drugs, cholesterol drugs [Lipitor], and steroids” ( For anticoagulants and ant-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, researchers have discovered that even taking them may not be too wise because
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