The Scientific Community And Its Impact On My Life As A Self Identified Queer Person

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There is an inherent irony in how the field of scientific study presents itself as 'objective ' and 'neutral ', yet is rife with gender bias, stereotyping and a severe lack of women/queer people in the field. This lack of visibility and equality does not simply exist within a bubble of the scientific community. Whether it is through the lens of the development of sexology or the medical community, the trappings of homophobia, transphobia and anti-queerness have had long lasting ramifications not only within the scientific community, but in normal people 's everyday lives. It is with this understanding that I will analyze critiques laid against the scientific community and its impact on my life as a self-identified queer person. Who determines the truths we deem relevant? Is it the licensed medical professionals that deliver babies in hospital rooms? Is it our parents who gave us life and nurtured us? Is it our teachers who imbue us with knowledge of the world around us? This line of questioning appears throughout sociologist Steven Seidman 's 'Theoretical Perspectives '. This piece provides a critical insight into how the scientific and medical community has colluded to frame sex and gender in the most heteronormative way possible. Heteronormativity is the belief that people can fall into only two distinct genders, man and woman. It asserts that heterosexuality
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