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A young man by the name of Euthyphro involves himself in a conversation with the well known Socrates. During this conversation Euthyphro attempts to impose unrealistic beliefs concerning piety. Euthyphro is the plaintiff in a murder suit that he is filing against his very own father. Euthyphro believes that he has a case against his father, the reasons the young man comes up with does not sufficiently satisfy Socrates. This text is a great example of beliefs of a young man; against the wisdom and knowledge of older man. In the final analysis Socrates conversation with Euthyphro, smashes all of Euthyphro’s
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Then the ship owner began to think, he said to himself, “she (the ship) had gone safely through so many voyages and weathered so many storms that it is idle to suppose that she would not come home from this trip also.” (Pojman/Rea 498) In this instance the owner has faith in his ship and lets it sail. W. K. Clifford states in the essay that if the ship sinks, the owner will be directly responsible for the deaths of deaths that occur as a result of his negligence. The ethics of belief can easily be mistaken for having confidence in something without facts. In this illustration of this ship going out to sea it is almost like someone saying “I’ll take a gamble on it.” But, how could this ships owner gamble with the lives of innocent people? The Ethics of Belief emphasizes; even if the ship completes its voyage safely the ship owner is still wrong to have believed in its seaworthiness without addressing his doubts. The illustration of the ship’s owner is common in many humans in everyday life’s situations; W. K. Clifford says that just because things may prove to be beneficial in the long run it is not genuine belief.
W. K. Clifford gives warning not to nourish belief by suppressing doubt and avoiding investigation. He also goes on to say, we all suffer from supporting false beliefs. In one of his illustration he mentions beliefs which people were taught in childhood. Beliefs that are taught as a child are deeply imbedded wile growing older,

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