The Scientific Method: Video Analysis

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The Scientific Method is defined as a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It consists of 6 steps and can be referred to as a “linear process”. However, The Scientific Method is not an accurate representation of the process of science because it is not predetermined and anything can happen. The University of Berkeley created a web to help us better understand. It was used when looking into earth’s climate changes, exploring tumor growth, and also when researching how black holes came to be
Before we get into the examples, let's talk about the web. The University of Berkeley created a web called “How Science Works”. There are four main circles, and they’re
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The two videos on NOVA: Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius are a good example of this. The second video is about tumor growth (Video 2), and at the bottom of the page there is a chart documenting what step of the process they are on. The video starts by the scientist testing whether reconstituted blood could sustain tumor cell growth in a thyroid gland. This is an experiment step, and also a question step. Notice how I said it is it is an experiment and a question. This is saying that there is more than one of these steps. If they were following the regular Scientific Method, then they would not be experimenting until step four, and would only be doing it once. The communication step is when the scientist is finished collecting and analyzing data, and publishes it. It is a conclusion step. Throughout the video there is four communication steps. The scientists came to a conclusion many times throughout the experiment and kept going because they found an error or some new…show more content…
The article starts by saying, “What do these gravitational wells from which light cannot escape look like? Does speaking of them as being visible even make sense? And if we can’t see them, how would we locate them?”. This is the question step. They have to figure out what they want to answer in order to move on. A couple paragraphs down, they start to observe and predict what will happen. Later in the article it says, “1905 stands out as Einstein's most triumphant year when he published four revolutionary papers.”. This is saying that throughout the process, Einstein came to four conclusions. After the first published paper he found error in his process, so he did it again. He kept going until he found a reasonable answer. In The Scientific Method there is a defined conclusion/stopping point. In the “web” you it is a continuous process with no ending. You can always find some error or discover new
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