The Scientific Methods And Differences Between Specific Science And Specific Science

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A scientific method is a method of investigation where a problem is first identified and observations, experiments or other relevant data/findings are then used to construct or test hypotheses that serve to solve it ( Originally the scientific method was actually called the experimental method and the method of science. When the word scientific was come up with in the 19th century, the most widespread term applied to the method became known as the scientific method ( One difference between specific science and pseudoscience is how they start. Specific science involves careful observation and experimentation to establish or deny a hypothesis. Evidence against a theory and law are searched for and studies closely on the other hand pseudoscience starts with a hypothesis and looks only for evidence to support it, there is little or no experimentation. Evidence against the hypothesis is hidden, excused or ignored. The original hypothesis is never abandoned (
An exampleof pseudoscience is ufology. This is the study of records, reports, physical evidence and other circumstances relating the UFO’s. An example of specific science is evolution. This is the idea that living organisms developed from earlier versions of themselves over a long period of time throughout the history of the earth (
The scientific theory I will cover is the big bang theory, it is the most popular
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