The Scientific Methods of Analysis: Case Studies

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Scientific Method Scenario 1: You're having guests over for dinner and you prepared the menu you elaborated in Unit 6 assignment. The discussion gets animated when one of your guests does not believe in vaccinations while you are in favor of them. Step 1: Ask a Question A question in a scientific investigation is the thing that begins the process. All other components of the experiment are based upon the questioned asked. In this scenario, several questions could be asked, like "Why do you feel this way?" or "What is your evidence that vaccinations are harmful?" but the first is not scientific and the second supposes a reason for the guest's opinion. So, the best question to ask would be "What does science say about the issue of vaccination?" Step 2: Do Background Research It is important to be as informed as possible on any subject before beginning a scientific experiment. Look up information about vaccinations on the internet, both for and against them. Try to make sure that your opinion is backed up by evidence rather than by what you are told by either television and anti-vaccine celebrities or just by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. It is necessary in either position to have verifiable proof to support their position which, in this case, is much easier for one side of the debate. Step 3: Construct a Hypothesis: A hypothesis is an educated guess as to what explains something or answers a given question. It is called an educated guess, because it is
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