The Scientific Revolution of the 17th Century

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We refer to it now as the Scientific Revolution. This period of scientific discovery led to a new age of understanding about the universe and our place in it. Some of the modern mathematics that we use today were invented during this period. Until this time, the way we understood our place in the universe was based on the views of philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. We believed in things like the world was the center of the universe and that all of the planets and stars revolved around it. During this time our scientific and philosophical reasoning were overshadowed and burdened by religious teaching. However, it is not to say that it was a sudden burst of discoveries and enlightenment. For centuries, other philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers had laid the groundwork for what would be discovered during this period. Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Rene Descartes would forever change the way we viewed the world, science, math and our place within the Universe. The earliest of these scientists was Nicolaus Copernicus. He was a Polish astronomer born in 1473. At the time of his birth most of the world believe in a geocentric view of the earth. This had been postulated by Ptolemy centuries before Copernicus’s birth. It was an idea that the heavens, all the other planets and stars, revolved around the…
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