The Scientific Sociology Of The Human Variables Essay

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Many people say that they know everything about their friends, but do they really know everything? This paper will contain the scientific sociology of my group of friends throughout the duration of a week and how their interactions and actions with others depend on who they are communicating with. Throughout this observation the human variables changed in result to where they were, who they were with, and how they were feeling. Through the duration of this paper, the names of the individuals have become fictional for ethical reasoning. The names of the study variables will be, Kaitlyn, Shelly, Meranda, Dana, Sarah, and Ali. As a sociologist I have to use participant observation as my method of research, because I am within the group that is apart of this specific observation. Throughout the past week of watching these individuals interact with each other, there were noticeable changes in how they acted, but the transformation only occurred because of natural chances that could not be physically changed. The independent variables that were involved in this research were who the individuals were talking to, the location, and the feelings of the individuals at specific times. As I patiently observed my friends, I noticed that the only variable that I could change physically is where the group was located. The first variable of this research was who the individuals were talking to. This variable caused changes in how these individuals interacted with each other. A few examples
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