The Scientific Systems Of Engineering Management

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Introduction Engineering Management refers to a specialized type of management which is primarily concerned with the application of certain engineering principles to business activities or practice. In other words, Engineering Management can be said to be a career which unites the technological problem-solving aspect of engineering and the administrative, planning, and organizational capabilities of management to facilitate the efficient operation of activities within a sophisticated establishment from the start to the end. Primarily, Engineering Management focuses on the planning, installation, improvement, and design of integrated systems of material, people, information, energy, and equipment. This is achieved through utilization of specialized skills and knowledge in the physical sciences, social sciences, and mathematical disciples. This knowledge and expertise are integrated into methods and principles of engineering analysis and design (Haverila and Fehr 574). Through this incorporation, they can evaluate, specify, and predict results that are likely to be obtained. The scientific systems in engineering management are majorly responsible for designing, implementing, and developing models to be used as the basis for evaluation and analysis of results. Comparative analysis is achieved by taking into consideration the relationship that exists between engineering aspects and the management duties such as organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. Moreover, these

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