The Scientific Techniques Used For Experimentation Throughout The Ages

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The scientific techniques used for experimentation throughout the ages can spark controversy. In the The Island of Dr. Moreau, vivisection becomes the island’s culture. There are many aspects of vivisection that continuously overstep the rights of animals and the morals of humans. Dr. Moreau’s lack of sympathy for inflicting pain as well as the undeveloped jungle in which they experiment in also raises questions in how ethical this practice is. From a moral standpoint vivisection could be seen as wrong because of: the sanitary conditions of the island and the assumed lack of anesthesia used on animals during vivisection. The ethics of vivisection and other scientific techniques become increasingly controversial and continue to go over the boundaries of human capability and morals. Harmful scientific techniques against animals are underrated because the scientific community and public do not establish the status of animals and their rights to proper treatment. The culture of vivisection became more about creating fears than the reality of the situation. The question of “monsters or miracle” became anew in this novel as Pendrick’s initial fear of the “beast men” changed to a peculiar interest later on in the text. (Framing the Future, 194) (Island of Dr. Moreau). Pendrick’s first awakening after the shipwreck came with thoughts and theories of torture that awaited him. Seeing the “beast men” only added to his curiosity and fright. His response towards
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