The Scope of Pizza Hut

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Product Product scope of Pizza Hut is follows multiple product strategy, because they not only selling pizza but also deals in variety type of products such as desserts, pasta and beverages. The Pizza Hut located in Changloon not enough worker in a peak hour will causes the taste of pizza not delicious as is too many task need to complete. As we know, all the employer of Pizza Hut is skilled and they will conduct training before start working. Based on the survey, lack of employee that causing the delay or influence the taste when delivery to customer not much effect on the customer as they maintain the customer and employee relationship through good manner. This can avoid the customer from getting impatience in waiting their foods. They can try to improve their products by delivery through Hot Oven in boxes. One of the ways to solve this problem is to arrange the job between of employee more clearly, this can make sure the flow of delivery to customer is smoothly and give a good impression to customers. One of the issues that too many flavor in Changloon Pizza Hut menu, but customer will choose specific flavor. Based on this problem, the companies is encourage the customer to giving opinion on their taste and try to send the idea collected to main office of Pizza Hut, colleting the feedback from customer would strengthen operations within the control of the restaurants. Besides, after collect the opinion of the customer, Pizza Hut will try to innovation some new type of
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