The Scopes Monkey Trial And On Debating The Legality Of Teaching Evolution

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Natalie Miller Biological Anthropology Dr. Dollar Exam 1 Essay September 8, 2014 Exam 1 Essay Evolution has a long history of being debated as inappropriate to be taught in schools. Many people feel that it is important to learn about Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, but at the same time there are many who refuse to learn about it. In the Scopes Monkey Trial and in the movie Inherit the Wind a trial is going on debating the legality of teaching evolution. Though there are still issues that arise with teaching evolution it is currently accepted more than it is debated against. Evolution is a scientifically tested and proven concept and should be taught in science classes. The biggest argument against evolution is religion. The…show more content…
In both cases the verdict was guilty. Both should have been found innocent not only does the United States Constitution give citizens the right to freedom of speech but also directs in the separation of church and state. This means that religion should not affect laws and court rulings. Teaching evolution involves scientifically proven theory which means that people should learn about it and then can proceed to make their own decision. Evolution is relative to the study of biological anthropology because it explains how humans and todays primates have become what they are. It reveals connections between the species as well. Genetically apes and humans are similar and this proves that some million years ago humans and apes evolved from the same species. If learning about evolution was outlawed then that would cut out a wide range of subjects humans can learn about themselves. By analyzing all possibilities of the history of the world and how humans and other creatures came to be where they are now people can create a brighter future. Schools today teach evolution as part of the normal science curriculum. This is because today’s society is not as religiously centered as the past. People are more open about different religions and different religious practices. This is not to say that all people are that way but the majority of people are open to learning about evolution. There are still many people who do not believe in evolution and think
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