The Scopes ' Monkey ' Trial

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In the United States, the early 1920s was a time of shifting and conflicting moral values due to people attempting to see which values would dominate the nation’s culture. One conflict was between science and religion; ever since science began to explain what once was unexplainable, it clashed with religion. Thus, in 1925, the Scopes “Monkey” Trial revealed the struggle of America’s culture between the forces of Traditionalism and Modernism. The mixture of religion and science caused one of the most famous debates in American history to occur because ideas were the main focus instead of an actual crime. The Scopes Trial opened the doors to the conflict between faith and science that made it the trial of the century.
Dayton is a small beautiful Southern town in Tennessee with only a few thousand inhabitants. However, in 1925, Dayton was on the front pages of newspapers all over the United States. Thousands of Americans were arriving to watch the spectacle that happened in this town. Mencken, one of the reporters that came to see the trial unfold, stated that the Scopes Trial was an extraordinary opportunity to put the small town of Dayton on the map (Scopes Trial, Mencken’s Trial Account, July 9, p. 1). Not only that, the trial brought Clarence Darrow, the nation’s greatest defense attorney, and William Jennings Bryan, the nation’s greatest political orator and three-time presidential candidate, into the trial. Due to these factors, New York Times called it “the most…
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