The Scopes Of Educational Psychology

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Education and psychology is two things which can’t separate, as they are interdependent. Education is one of the parts of psychology which studies the behaviour of learners and teachers. Several psychologists and scholars have defined educational psychology. One of them is B.F skinner. According to B.F skinner (1958) “Educational psychology is that branch of psychology which deals with teaching and learning”.
The role of educational psychology is to make skilled teachers and learners in educational field. It helps teachers to have understanding about how they can teach students effectively and how to make good learning environment for students, through this they can achieve their objectives. Even educational psychology enables teachers to face challenges and provide support for students. We can say educational psychology make a teacher as a successful teacher.
The scopes of educational psychology explain how it will
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Especially, it helps a student who faces complex and problems during his/her academic life.
Benefits for teachers and learners
Teachers should know always they have to provide support to their students. When they have knowledge about guidance and counseling it helps them in several ways. It will help teachers to know the background of a student and can provide support easily. If they provide proper guidance to students it will be easy to handle and manage the classroom too. Moreover, it helps the students, as they get support from the teacher their interest in study may improve.
Study of intelligence and personality:
Educational psychology also deals with the personality and intelligence of individuals learners. In fact there will be different personality among students as some may be very angry while others are ego type. So this concept tells how to deal with those students.
Benefits for teachers and
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