The Scopes Of Psychological Health

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Science is not always used to appreciate a mother’s love. It is usually viewed as a natural act of kindness and care embedded in the natural instincts of a caretaker, but is it be essential to child development? “A mother’s (caretaker’s) love in infancy and childhood is as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins for physical health” is a quote that raises controversy amongst the way psychologists and the theories they believe in. Some psychological theorists argue about how influential it can be through the scopes of psychological health. They believe it can be essential for a child to develop in a healthy psychological state. However, some theorists might disagree. Psychologists like Locke, Rousseau, Darwin and Bowlby, who studied and theorized about early child development, might have contradicting views on the above quoted statement. John Locke, a philosopher and psychologist who is acknowledged for his theories on child development, might agree with the stated quote. Locke rejected the idea that there was an innate difference between people. Instead, one of his main beliefs stated that all humans were born with a blank slate, making everyone indistinguishable at birth. What makes those differences amongst people is what becomes written on that slate. What is written is caused by experience and affects of the environment on people as they grow. One of the and first main affect humans feel in the earliest stages of life are the love and affection of a
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