The Scopes Trial Was Caused By Political Factors

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Can you imagine not learning how to multiply or divide or anything else that you find necessary to help you succeed in school? Then maybe you can visualize living in the state of Tennessee, where public schools could not teach Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It all started when the teachers Butler Act was passed, it banned the teaching of the Evolution. Most people were indignant because of how the law favored those who acclaimed the bible. The conviction of John Scopes in the Scopes Trial was caused by political factors like the laws passed and the trial itself, the geographic factors such as the location also known as the Bible Belt and lastly the primary factor is social factors, such as religious beliefs.
Politics influenced the
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The mistake had not been that Scopes was guilty because of the judges’ preference over the prosecution, but it was that Scopes has been over-fined. While many resented the law, the government did not withdraw the law, “Despite its far-reaching implications, public universities ignored the bill, and the Governor, whom some expected would veto it, signed it into law...He understood it for what it was, a symbolic protest against the undarmining of religion by science,” (The Scopes). This shows that even though many people did not like the law because of its relation to Christianity the like remained. The Governor did not sign the law for the purpose to better the state, but because he did not like the idea of religion and science overlapping. Like the politic factors, geographic location also played a factor in the conviction of John Scopes.
The geographic factors such as the location, history and climate influenced the conviction in many ways. The trial’s location had a major effect because the people who live Tennessee and the extensive area are religious. Tennessee, the location where the trial was held was in the Bible Belt, The Bible Belt region stretches from Northern Texas to Western North Carolina. In the Bible Belt region, more conservative Christians live there than other places in the
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