The Scopes Trial Was Caused By Political Factors

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Can you imagine not learning how to multiply or divide or anything else that you find necessary to help you succeed in school? Then maybe you can visualize living in the state of Tennessee, where public schools could not teach Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It all started when the teachers Butler Act was passed, it banned the teaching of the Evolution. Most people were indignant because of how the law favored those who acclaimed the bible. The conviction of John Scopes in the Scopes Trial was caused by political factors like the laws passed and the trial itself, the geographic factors such as the location also known as the Bible Belt and lastly the primary factor is social factors, such as religious beliefs.
Politics influenced the conviction. Political factors include laws, the trial, and the court. A law passed that commenced the Scopes Trial, “In March 1925 the Tennessee legislature had declared unlawful the teaching of any doctrine denying the divine creation of man as taught by the Bible,” (“Scopes”, Britannica). This shows that the Butler Act, the law that was passed favored those whose religion involved the bible. This shows significance because it shows that the government, those on the prosecution side and the judge were already biased since most of them seemed to be Christian .Years later when the Supreme Court reviewed the Scopes Case they came to this conclusion, “On appeal, the state Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the 1925 law, but acquitted Scopes…
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