The Scottish And Scottish Government

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Modern Scottish politics was established in 1999 , then called the Scottish Executive rather than the Scottish Government. The current Scottish Government has control over a certain number of devolved matters whilst Westminster in England retains control of decisions affecting the whole of the United Kingdom. This modern day form of Scottish politics was very much influenced by the events and state of a post-war Britain in which many people across Scotland wanted change and more independence from the London-centric Westminster. A number of the aspects of the modern Scottish devolved political system intentionally vary from certain ones of Westminster in an effort to be more representative of the Scottish people and will be analysed and evaluated in this essay.

There are many key developments in the process which led to the establishment of a devolved Scottish Government. In the 1960s in Scotland constitutional issues noticeable and important to many people and following the 1979 Referendum in which the ‘Yes’ campaign lost due to the Cunninghame amendment that required at least forty percent of the electorate to vote ‘yes’, the Scottish National Party (SNP) took nearly a decade to recover . In the 1980s the case for Scottish devolution was based on the idea that Home Rule would be able to solve the democratic deficit and also prevent the Westminster government from imposing itself and decisions on Scotland . It was also seen as way of Scotland rejecting and going against
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