The Scottish Government Circular Economy Strategy

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Scottish Government Circular Economy Strategy

Assessment 2 – Group Report

As the worlds population increases, carbon emissions and waste skyrocket, shooting the global emissions through the roof. It all starts from a nation at a time, the ‘Circular Economy Strategy’ developed by Scotland sees potential to meet a new world standard on waste and recycling intelligence. The potential for the strategy can be found by putting it up against the three pillars of sustainability to acknowledge development goals, such as, economic and social development as well as environmental protection. The strategy will be a useful guide to measure the affects when put into action on the environment and may see some serious impacts. With every engineering project there may also be some residual or consequential problems that can transpire, so it’s a good standing point if you are fully aware of your project capabilities and falls.

Let’s face it. It being the fact, higher powers have the ability to oppress nations economic, and resource integrity. Spawning an imminent crisis right around the corner, if not already, on our doorsteps. For example, between now and 2020, about £50 million worth of gold will be imported into Scotland, furtive within our computers, mobile phones, and TV’s, but the amount salvaged is a miniscule fraction of that. (Richard Lochhead, 2016) The introduction of the ‘Circular Economy Strategy’ is going to build Scotland into a recycle…
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