The Scottish Government Circular Economy Strategy

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Scottish Government Circular Economy Strategy Assessment 2 – Group Report As the worlds population increases, carbon emissions and waste skyrocket, shooting the global emissions through the roof. It all starts from a nation at a time, the ‘Circular Economy Strategy’ developed by Scotland sees potential to meet a new world standard on waste and recycling intelligence. The potential for the strategy can be found by putting it up against the three pillars of sustainability to acknowledge development goals, such as, economic and social development as well as environmental protection. The strategy will be a useful guide to measure the affects when put into action on the environment and may see some…show more content…
(Bell , et al., 2014) The demand for goods, how industry supplies goods, and the use and disposal of them will be minimised, due to this circular strategy, giving avail to the beautiful land and oceans of Scotland. Introducing the globe to a cleaner recycling program to help reserve the nations industrial integrity and bring a revolution to the forefront where air quality improves and the minimisation on of pollution and land, linking to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Construction accounts for 50% of all waste in Scotland and is an exponential influence of efficient use of resources. (Richard Lochhead, 2016) With ambition to cut food waste by a third by 2025, and a push for an increase in products expected lifetime hoping that more companies will keep hold of valuable resources and components that being either through leasing, repair, and resale, Scotland’s agencies will contribute to the circular economy approach and assist the goal for a waste free Scotland. This push will encourage Scotland’s repair sector and help develop a ‘recycle revolution’. The impact of the strategy will define the will reduce carbons by up to 11 million tonnes per year. (Richard Lochhead, 2016) Scotland’s environment has a bright future posing an ideal natural habitat for Scotland’s indigenous species and a sustainable ecosystem. construction sector curtailing carbon emissions, with influence of the strategy throughout the designing process, maintenance, renovation, and

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