The Scottsboro Trials Essay

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The Scottsboro Trials Racism wasted the lives of nine young, black men. In a trial where the only plausible evidence proved their innocence, they were still convicted. They were accused of rape, but all it was was an accusation. There was nothing to back it up. They endured many trials almost all of which had prejudice juries. This is the story of nine young men who had little, and then had everything taken away from them. On March 24, 1931, nine black youths were accused of raping two white girls; Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. There was only one of them who was not in his teens, Charlie Weems. Ozie Powell and Clarence Norris were both slender, but muscular and healthy. Olen Montgomery was…show more content…
The others had knives. According to Victoria they began to fight the white boys. They apparently yelled "Unload you white sons of bitches", making them jump out of the train. Victoria continued her testimony saying; the Negroes held knives to the girls' throats and raped them. When the white boys were thrown off of the train they alerted the Stevenson stationmaster that a group of Negroes and two white girls were on the train. He immediately informed authorities and the boys tied together and arrested at the next station. Later, George Chamlee, One of the representatives for the International Labor Defense at the Scottsboro trials, investigated to see if the girls had made the charges before the boys were arrested. He claimed that these girls just gave in to the assumptions that the authorities had when they arrested the Negroes. "There is no way of proving this conclusively, but from the interview I had with the two girls separately several weeks after the trial, I would say that there is a strong possibility of truth in this." (Ransdell, Plausibility of the Charges Questioned). When the press interviewed the Negroes, they all remained silent except to deny assaulting the girls. Except Roy Wright who kept insisting that he and his three friends, the only ones of the group he'd ever met, were innocent. He said that the others attacked the

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