`` The Scourge Of `` And Selling The General ``

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In Rebecca Meads article “The Scourge of ‘Relatability,’” she describes relatability in literature as “to describe a character or a situation in which an ordinary person might see himself reflected.” In every book we read or movie we watch, it is most enjoyable when we are able to connect to the characters and the situations that they are in. It is exhilarating for us to think about what would happen if we were in that crazy situation that the character was in, but we just want to experience it from a safe distance and not actually be in that situation, which enables us to sympathize with the characters. This concept of relatability and sympathy is demonstrated throughout Jennifer Egan’s “Found Objects” and “Selling the General.” The main characters, Sasha and Dolly, at first come off as stereotypical selfish villains, but we are able to relate because they are seeking that emotional connection that every human desires. However, just because we are able to relate to these characters it doesn’t mean we are sympathetic toward them, the characters actions and their motives behind their actions are what defines them and ultimately make us feel either sympathetic or unsympathetic towards them. Sasha is an extremely troubled woman, who has struggled with compulsive stealing; but she is a different kind of thief because she doesn’t steal items with much financial value, she steals personal items. Sasha has never been able to emotionally connect with people even though every

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