The Scramble For African Colonization Of Africa

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The Scramble for Africa had a massive impact on the lives of the citizens that lived there. In the 1870’s when Germany became the new leader in the European industry with chemicals and electrical products. This time was known as the second industrial revolution when transportation in the country came about it effected routes of trade became easily available thus making. The growth of European colonization of Africa which was unique because they started to colonized later than everyone else. For many years, African tribes had freedom, being able to expansion without worrying about other tribes. The reason for the lack of interest in Africa because they only used a select few of Africa’s ports, and didn’t see any other interests for the…show more content…
Not to long after he rejected that idea and wanted to appeal the Christian missionary’s work and work towards a Catholic society, in hopes for it to strength the state and stimulate the interest of the colony. The economy was extremely stable due to the early trade with ivory, which was in high demand due to its high-end products that it would product during the 19th century such as jewelry and false teeth. The Congo Free State started to invest in their transportation system, they began working on a railway that bypassed the rapids creating a crucial transportation that would connect the raw materials from the inner parts of the states to the river for larger trade routes. This effected the economy immense, making their products more readily available connection with boats that would come ashore. While this railway helped the countries in a variety of ways the harsh conditions of the eight-year construction project are responsible for thousands of lives. Not only did it take the lives of the citizens but it also took away the king’s finances. Even the citizens but also the king’s finances. Even though ivory was a huge asset to their country they couldn’t solely relay on just one way of income. While, the king promised to protect free trade but had to impose tax and regulate polices during the 1880’s. Not long after With the economy not thriving anymore they need to find something else.
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