The Scratching Essay

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It was was Chad’s parent’s anniversary so they went out for dinner and left Chad at home. They told him he couldn’t have any parties or “get togethers”, which was what he usually called his parties, but they said he could have one person over, but no more than that. So he called his best friend, Nick. They watched a movie, listened to music, did some homework, and watched the news because there was nothing else on. There were a couple stories that caught their attention: a shortage of cocoa beans which means there’ll probably be less chocolate this Halloween, an orangutang that spelled his own name using a tablet, strange stories of four people being killed on separate occasions up by Lookout Ridge without leaving evidence as to what…show more content…
“Let’s go to Lookout Ridge and watch the sunset and the lights turn on. We haven’t done that in a while” Nick pleaded. He was willing to do anything but go back home and do absolutely nothing. “Let’s do it. I used to like going up there every Friday with your dad when we were in grade school” replied Chad, thinking about those days when Nick’s dad would take them to ice cream and then take them to that clearing on that cliff that overlooked their small town. They would watch the sun set, and then all the street lights turn on in the city at their scheduled time. After half an hour of country music and discussing their favorite football team and how much better they are than last year, they pulled into the best park at Lookout Ridge. It was kind of hidden and surrounded by trees without leaves, their branches stretched out over the car, forming what some would say looks like a single car garage. There they sat and waited for the sunset. The temperature outside dropped dramatically and clouds poured into the sky. They watched the sun hide itself behind the mountains on the other side of the small valley that housed their town. Then, at the precise scheduled time, the street lights scattered around the town turn on and light up the quickly darkening air. After admiring the view for a long while, it started to rain, so they decided it was finally time to leave. Chad put the car in reverse and started backing out. The car
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