The Scream Essay

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“The Scream” is a famous painting by Edvard Munch .The 1893 painting is regarded as one of the most iconic human figures in the history of Western art. The painting is described by Munich as an autobiographical representation of his own feelings of insanity. The painting was created by Much through the use of oil, tempera, and pastel while he was living in Oslo, the capital and perhaps the most popular city in Norway. The painting is generally described as abstract. It is referred to as being an iconic part of the Expressionism Movement, a movement that manifested in Germany from 1905 until 1950.The movement established a new way and approach to artistic presentation. America journalist Arthur Lubow cites the painting as “"an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time."(Lubow, 2006)

Objectively, the 91x 73.5 centimeter abstract shows what can be perceived as a human like figure. The figure appears to be positioned on a ramp, evocative of a bridge of some sort. The figure can be interpreted as emotionally unstable, as it exhibits a facial expression and hand placement that mimics that of one screaming, as the title implies. The figure’s ghostly eyes are wide open as well as the figure’s mouth. The face appears very extremely clammy and pale. There appears to be two other
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Through my research on Munch, I learned that he suffered from issues such as depression and anxiety. The issue would become so severe that he’d eventually suffer a breakdown. I feel that the abstract was his way of illustrating the early demons he dealt with while growing up. The expression on the figures face of “screaming “was Munch’s way of crying out for help with no one noticing believe that he felt like he was trapped inside himself. I feel that perhaps he felt like an outsider and/or prisoner to his inner feelings and the world around
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