The Scream Is One Of The Most Recognized Pieces Of Art

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Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream is one of the most recognized pieces of art throughout history. He created this masterpiece in the year of 1893 and continued on to create three different versions of the painting (Paulson). The image shows a deathly pale, skull shaped head man clutching his hands over his ears, facing the audience, screaming with his mouth opened wide. There are two silhouettes behind the screaming man on the left hand side of the bridge, while the sky is bloody and the water in the fjord rushing. On Edvard Munch’s official website, the biography mentions that Munch grew up with is mother and older sister, his two role models, dying from tuberculosis at a young age. Leaving him and his younger siblings with their emotionally detached father, who would torment them about going to hell and burning, “among other issues” (Munch). The emotional torment Munch went through in his early life, plagued him throughout his life and career, which resulted him creating many different works of art with the sense of loneliness and desperation. Munch’s use of contrast and composition symbolizes the representation of man; the inner turmoil one may face throughout life. Munch’s use of a bold composition intends to show the viewers the intended form and structure of the painting. There are three dynamic lines within the painting: the line for railing, the line for the blood red horizon, and the line showing the flow of the fjord. All these lines are to direct the viewers eye…
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