Essay on The Screaming Paintings

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The two paintings under discussion are by two famous artists of the 20th Century. They are Edvard Munch and Francis Bacon. Their paintings are based on the era of expressionism, where most painters were breaking from impressionism, which was embraced by the paintings of the 19th Century (Carl 47). Impressionism was based on paintings that only touched on the superficial objects, and not going in depth to explain the emotions around the paintings. Edvard Munch and Francis Bacon embraced expressionism to express subjective emotions, not just the objective part.
This new era of paintings were fueled with the current international disputes that were taking place. People were filled with desperation and conflict, especially post
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Therefore, the emotions of both painters seem to come out alive in the paintings.

The human body is being used as the theatre of expression of emotions. The persons in painting A and painting B, The Scream by Edvard Munch and the painting of Pope Innocent X by Francis Bacon respectively, reveal the different perspectives of the human emotions that are subdued by the exaggerated body positions. The body images of the persons in both paintings are painted on canvas, which is a form of life as it is organic. This brings to life the emotions of the persons in the paintings. The images in both paintings are exaggerated in the dimensions. This stretches the emotions of the persons. In painting A, the person’s image is painted centrally, separating him from the background silhouettes. This brings concentration to the screaming mouth. The rest of the body features are primitive. The body line appears wavy; the eyes are not well highlighted. This brings the viewers attention to the screaming mouth, where all the emotions are revealed. The person is holding his face with both palms. This symbolizes despair and heightens the aura of terror (John 3). The fact the other two silhouettes are seen fading away on the background of the painting signifies the solitude of the central person. All these project to the emotion of fear, sadness and capture the tension in the painting. Painting B
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