The Scrutiny of Virtue

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The Scrutiny of Virtue Virtue is a mean condition which falls between the extremes of excess and deficiency which are both subject to vices. Either of those two vices, or the practices of base behaviors, happen to rely on the virtue that one aims for. For instance, courage is a virtue of which cowardice and rashness are the deficiency and excess of respectively. Evidence of this is seen in Book II, Chapter 9 of Nichomachean Ethics where Aristotle mentions “…virtue of character is a mean condition, and in what way, namely because it is a mean between two kinds of vice, the one resulting from excess and the other from deficiency…” It is important to understand that virtue is not acquired naturally but rather through being-at-work.…show more content…
I began by putting in more of my financial resources by buying necessities such as food and water for my family on more frequent occasions than I had before as well as the will to spend more money on my friends as opposed to the past were I would hold back from doing as a generous person would. Moreover, it had dawned on me from reflecting on Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics that I would have to overshoot the mean (as mentioned above), taking into consideration that I fall under the deficiency of generosity as frugal, by practicing wastefulness. To put this into practice I started spending money I don’t really have by using my credit cards to spend money by buying gifts for family members as well as spending money to go out with friends more often than I have been in the near past. Thus this temporary practicing of wastefulness has led me to believe that I am as close as I never have been to becoming a generous person in the way Aristotle would describe. In Plato's Meno, Socrates and Meno do not obtain a definition of virtue, while Socrates thinks that virtue is a kind of knowledge, and if virtue is knowledge, then it should be able to be both defined and taught. But most virtuous persons (virtue being some sort of excellence or another) don't seem to be able to teach "virtue" to their own children (as told to Meno by Socrates). As a consequence of this, it is problematic for both Plato and Socrates to
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