The Sculpture On South Campus At Moravian College

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The sculpture on South Campus at Moravian College commonly known as Moravian Roots One and Two, who was created by Steve Tobin in 2010 has a significant meaning behind the moderately new sculpture. There are two of the same types of sculptures in the same place, just distance away from one another. This sculpture seems to be abstract, since we are taking the form of what it looks like to create a meaning, which can be something different in other people’s eyes. The sculpture is a dark black shade that naturally blends in with the surroundings, therefore making it blend in with its natural surroundings. The negative space between the roots are easily seen since its roots are based in various directions, showing us how far the roots of the sculpture and realistically Moravian has grown. There is no base or pedestals for these two sculptures who go hand in hand together, but it is roughly around five feet standing upward and going in sporadic directions, to signify differences. They are roundly shaped with carved pointed edges giving the image that it is like a tree root or branch, being slightly pointed on the top. The inner parts of the “tree roots” are textured off to have a little dots making it a bit rougher than the soft and smooth outer sides that we see from a distance. There seems to be no said real front or back side to this piece because the tree roots go in different directions, therefore giving the observer a chance to decide which way they would like to view it.…

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