The Sea Battle Of Life

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Marlins and the sea are usually never associated with lions. They are, however, in The Old Man and the Sea written by Ernest Hemingway. Together they are extremely symbolic in the novella. Lions are often the subject of Santiago’s dreams and they represent youth and nature. The old man hooks a marlin and fights the fish which represents a beautiful challenge. Santiago’s universe is the sea and it stands for a way of life. Manhood has also been a connector for the three aspects and is intertwined with them all. The sea, marlin and the lions all symbolic attributes of youth, challenges, life and are all attached to an idea of manhood. Manolin is one of the main characters in the novella and he represents faith, love and loyalty.…show more content…
The old man often thinks or dreams of the boy and the lions at the same simultaneously so that whenever the boy rises in his thoughts he has to force himself and prove his worth; whenever he dreams of the lions he relaxes for they inspire him to confidence. The lions in his dreams always appear out of their natural environment and on the beach, which suggests that there is a harmony in all of life. At the end of the novella the promise of the triumph and regeneration is upheld by imagery of the lions which suggests hope of eternal life. Santiago is injured and ill so when he is sleeping and dreaming of the lions it is as if he is dreaming of heaven on his deathbed. Manliness is the theme that is the most related to the lions. They encourage the old man to be stronger and more courageous as a man even if he is in his old age. The sea is an incredibly prominent place in the novella as most of the time Santiago is in the water. He catches fish and the main battle with the marlin is fought in the sea. It stands for all of life on which man must sail. In both the sea and in life, there are a number of possibilities that lie hidden from the common eye; some are gifts to be treasured and some are problems to be defeated. Neither will be found unless man embarks upon the journey. If man is lucky enough to discover a treasure, he must fight until death to retain it; if man is unlucky enough to discover an evil lurking underneath the surface

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