“The Sea Inside” Film Review By Michael Travis. The First

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“The Sea Inside” Film Review by Michael Travis The first ethical issue I observed was with Gene, the therapist. Gene chose to break the law by assisting Ramon with information about the correct use of cyanide to commit a crime. Secondly, her relationship with Ramon did not remain professional.Gene has a responsibility to do good, and no harm to her client Ramon. She violated beneficence and non-maleficence. Welfel (2016) states “both professional ethics and the law have a set of values at their core: for the law, they are the values the society agrees upon; for the professions, they are the central values that its members have endorsed,” I felt Gene was incompetent to be Ramon’s therapist; she failed him by not referring to professional…show more content…
The therapist must accept the autonomy of their clients. Welfel states “the right to privacy is coupled with freedom of choice as part of respect for autonomy.” In other words, all people hold the freedom to choose what is in their best interest or freedom of actions and dignity. Bart said “I do what I feel like,” his community needs to respect his actions because he is free to make choices for himself. The overlapping principle of nonmaleficence comes into play when the potential for harm is evident and avoiding preventable risks. Welfel states “Professionals have a duty to use only those interventions that they know are not likely to harm clients. In the case of Groundskeeper Willie and the Maintenance worker, they are the professional in their vocation; they exercised their freedom by partly doing their job because that is all they felt like doing, knowing full well, harm could come to the citizens. They could have said they were not competent in their role and declined the responsibility because of inadequate training or experience, however, they didn’t, they were entrusted to put the lives at the festival first. It is imperative counselor understand both principles, what is in the best interest of the client despite them doing what they feel like unless it is going to cause harm to themselves or others. Then their autonomy should be

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