The Sea Is A Major Hub Of Economic Activity

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The majority of the US population lives near the coast, not just because the ocean is beautiful but because the ocean is a major hub of economic activity. The sea provides us with food and livelihoods along every coast of the United States and its territories. Commercial, recreational, and subsistence fisheries bring in many millions of pounds of fish and dollars each year to coastal communities. People also use the ocean and shoreline for a multitude of recreational and resourceful activities that allows one and many to live their daily life. Despite the development of planes, trains, and automobiles, shipping is still the major mode for transporting goods internationally, and many cities rely on their ports as a major source of revenue. The ocean is also valued for the natural resources that lie beneath the ocean floor. In the Gulf of Mexico there exists billions of dollars worth of oil and natural gas. The story of the shipping industry since the first steamships were built more than century ago has been one of ingenuity, professionalism and fabulous profits. Maritime transport encompasses all forms of transport by sea, intermodal links and inland ports but has certain difference from other modes of transport. Maritime economics is not only revolving around transportation, although the largest aspect of maritime economics; oil, natural gas, and mineral exploration all play an unprecedented amount in the worlds economic. 70% of the world is covered in water, 80% of…
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