The Sea Of Darkness - Original Writing

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The ship sailed across an ocean of darkness. A black void in all directions: Forward, backward, left, and right. There was no up or down. The ship’s grey hull was barely illuminated by the light it produced, isolating it from the surrounding veil of darkness. The light from inside was hardly enough to make out any details. In the darkness, the windows themselves seemed like individual objects, with several hundred of them travelling together.
Inside lay a room with a seemingly infinite amount of buttons, coming in different varieties of size and colors. Strapped in an unmoving dark chair, sat a stern looking man. Glossy eyes gazed over computer screens, and his face was entirely unmoving, save for the rapid eye movements. The wrinkles on his face contorted from years of disappointment and frustration, making him look 20 years older than he actually was. Occasionally a rapid ‘click click click’ would echo through the empty room as he pressed a sequence of buttons.
This had to be the place, human technology had had not failed him before, and it wouldn’t do so again. Sure enough, right after that thought appeared in his mind, a quick beeping sound came from one of the monitors. Green lights flashed, illuminating the rest of the room a similar shade. The man’s eyes widened, and a smile slowly stretched ear to ear as a small dot appeared in the abyss. From this distance, it looked like a star, twinkling in the night.
“So how goes the search for your great white whale?” that
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