The Sea Of The Cave

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The lush green slopes of the kelp beds had long since faded away, an ash and charcoal sand taking its place, dotted here and there by dark and gnarled husks of those who had ventured through before, and the innocent looking gray vines that had ensnared them. Swaying slightly in the current these vines looked as dead as the rest of the landscape, calm and deceptively innocent. Suddenly, the sea bed changes, a glassy surface of polished stones slope down towards a deep dark hole dominating the murky darkness ahead. In the center of this dark hole a shimmering light is barely visible. A sirens’ call to lure you in. It is the sea witches’ lair and once you have seen the light you are caught just as surely as if you got too close to the…show more content…
Um, I.. I… was just going over the river and through the wood to grandmas.
I think that’s a different story honey. But, you are here for something yes? You can nod your head how great for you. Well, the cost depends on what you ask for, but know that my prices, well baby, they’re steep. You look confused, do you want to know why are they so steep? Another head nod, really? Okay, well do you want the truth or the lie that matches the idea you have in your head of me as a cruel and evil monster? You know what never mind, one truth bomb coming up. Not that you’re going to believe me, but the truth is, the higher the price the more it deters people from making stupid decisions they will regret. It’s my last-ditch effort to make them really consider what they are asking and what they are willing to give up for it. Now before you let your thoughts of me as a monster with no compassion run rampant. Before you let what the world has told you of me cloud the reality that stands before you, let me let you in on a little secret sweetie, your view of the world and who and what is in it is very limited. You can only think inside the tight little bubble of what you’ve been told, and you’re going to die never having lived as long as you keep looking at the world through yourself. Open up kiddo, let the world show you what it is instead of trying to manhandle it into being what you think it should be. Trust me, that doesn’t work out well in the end. Aaaand
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