The Sea Of The Ocean

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Taking a deep breath in my senses are assaulted by the bitterly overpowering smell of salt that protrudes out of the ocean, which lurks a mere five feet below the deck of the boat. It is strange how far you can see while in the middle of the ocean. The vastness of the ocean makes me realize how small and insignificant I truly am, but this doesn’t alarm me, the ocean sooths me, it’s so peaceful out here how can it not. Looking down into the deep dark depths of the ocean I wonder what secrets it holds, what stories it has, and who else may be on the ocean as I am wondering the same things. My mind begins to wonder, and I think back to how I ended up on this boat in the middle of December. In a burst of excitement pull up to his apartment,…show more content…
“I am good, thanks for asking young lady. If I may ask, what are your reasons for traveling to Africa in December?” He inquired. “I just have some pressing matter to take care of, that I have been putting off due to someone who was in my life. But now since he is no longer in my life, I decided I needed a change and I needed to take care of these things.” “Well sounds like a good enough reason,” he empathetically responds. “Enjoy the rest of the trip.” He says as he walks off. I look back at the horizon and indulge in the vast arrays of colors pultruding from the sky. Memories flood my head, and suddenly I remember the first time I had a chance to help people and make a difference. “Oh God! Babe did you hear about this?” I asked in shock. “Hear about what? That earthquake?” He responded “Yes, it’s terrible.” “Ya, tragic.” He says as his texts on his phone. “Jen is going to down to help all those people. She asked me to go with. I think I should.” “Why, it’s not like you will do any good down there. There are tons of people going down to help, and what do you know about building houses? Nothing that’s what. Don’t bother wasting your time or my money.” “You’re right, I don’t know anything about building houses, and there are a lot of people going down to help…” “Ya, like I said, now can we please talk about my suit. I don’t know which one to wear tonight.” Stupidly I listened to him, and did not go.
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