The Sea Surrounding Eu Based Online Casino Gaming

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Blog 28 – The waters surrounding EU based online casino gaming remain murky

Within EU borders it can be argued that there is no form of entertainment bigger than online casino gaming. Millions logon to their favourite online casinos every single to day to gamble, which proves just how relevant to daily life the platform has become. However, for all the promise and polish that the realm of online casino game showcases, confusion still surrounds it as far as regulation is concerned. Many can’t make head nor tail of what the current governing conditions are and that doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

Poor Relations

Unbeknownst to most players who don’t follow the inner workings of the industry, the regulation surrounding online casino gaming within the EU can be considered murky at best. Reason being that even after all this time, there still is no standardisation in place with regards to operating legalities. All 28 states seem unable to agree on such matters due to poor political relations or stubbornness when it comes to implementing changes. The EU by all accounts has plans to standardise regulations to allow for increased trade, but many believe that such plans will never come to fruition.

Operator Impact

It isn’t just politicians and regulators who will have something to say about any future industry standardisation, as operators will also most certainly want to have their say too. This is because should such be brought into place, it is the operators who

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