The Sea Wind By Rachel Carson

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The book I chose to do a report over is called Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel Carson. Rachel Carson is an environmental writer who has written multiple books over issues happen in the natural world around us. In Under the Sea-Wind tells the story of animal behavior through descriptive and poet writing. The novel is split up into three separate stories. Book 1 is called EDGE OF SEA, book 2 is called THE GULL’S WAY, and the last book, or book 3, is called RIVER AND SEA. Each book focuses in on a specific animal and how it travels during its life cycle. Each book tackles a separate problem that is troubling the life form of that location. Carson uses fiction style writing influences to express the real problems faced by organisms on the shore, in the open sea, and moving water that humans otherwise would not have known. Carson covers migration and seasonal change, the difficulty for fish (or other animals) to grow up in the ocean, and the lesser known lives of ocean animals in the deep abyss. The first main point Carson covers is the migration of animals and the difficulty that is met during their travels and how the seasonal changes affect their lives. When temperatures quickly warm or drop, life cycles such as plant blooming, mating, and animal migration, may become unbalanced or more difficult to thrive in (Cho, 2015). Carson starts early on in the novel with details of how young animals may not make it out of their first stages of life due to these harsh conditions.…
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