The Sea is My Brother by Jack Kerouack Essay

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“Soldiering is 99% boredom and 1% of sheer terror”, a civil war soldier wrote this to his wife in a letter and since then the composition of war has not changed. So, what did the soldiers do in those periods of boredom? Well, especially for the men in the frontlines, who were far from any form of entertainment, writing letters, diaries and poems were some of the few available options. These were the forms of war literatures that soldiers used to express and share their feelings with their loved ones at home, as well as record the horrors of war in subjective portrayal of events. Military personnaels felt the most connected and close ot home, through readiging about it in letters. Today, many of these letters, poems and stories are shared…show more content…
Just reacently after his discharge, Kerouac wrote his first novel, “The Sea is My Brother”. The characters and plot of this novel was based on Kerouac’s brief experience in the U.S Navy. Although the young writer (at that time being 20 years of age) had not served the average amount of service like most soldiers, the 8 days he had been active, was enough for him to write about it and share what he had faced. Soldiers were not the only people who wrote during ww2. It did not have to take a person to fight in combat, live in trenches or stay at the home front to write about the privation, suffering and the life conditions of WWII. A group of Canadian poets called “the montreal Group” were modernist writers during the mid-1920’s. The members included Leon Edel, John Glassco, A.M.J Smith, Leo Kennedy and F.K Scott. These men followed a style of writing that’s purpose was to break the traditional and cultural trends in Literature in Canada at that time. They encouraged young poets and other writers to set high literary standards and study the literature of great artists like T.S Elliot; who is one of the major poets in the 20th century. A.M.J Smith; known as the theorotrician of the new type of poetry, worte about symbolism. In his essay “symbolism in poetry” he argued the need ofr symbolism in writing and

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