The Seafarer Analysis

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“The Seafarer”, portrays its self as a poem through an idealized man during the Anglo-Saxon period, by determining that only fate alone is what drives a man for his life. A man told in the story (unknown name) shares his thoughts how life at sea is. His soul mostly relies on fate though sorrow and companionship are nowhere near he lands, his mind and spirit lands on where the Lord rewards his soul. His conflict reveals from himself internally and externally by exempting that the sea is the reason why he triumphs and worries. From the Anglo-Saxon point of view of the poem “The seafarer” symbolisms occur to give a characterization to the subject to give an emphasis on how his/her emotions are but deferring what he/her sees on a different…show more content…
Though personification comes in line 9, his mind is floating to another dimension because he wants to come out of his worries though this is common he compares his feet to an “icy band” exampled here in the poem “My feet were cast with icy bands, bound with frost.’’ (Line 9). In line 9 the word cast gives a clearer definition on what he is trying to tell, the word cast means to throw or deposit on such matter to shed or drop. And showing in the line he states that since the conditions were so unlivable his foot no longer responded to his body as where the cold of winter took or shredded his foot. During the period of finding “adventure” or “discovering” sailors knew what there were getting into, limited supplies of clothing and food and to referring to his words he calls it as an “adventure” is irony. Though the sailor wants to be a ground state where he might find an escape which mostly depressed ones rely on the most, lines 10 to 21 show these characteristics “with frozen chains and hardships groaned around my heat/The freezing waves;/The song of the swan might serve for pleasure.’’ (lines 10/21). The sailor is reminding of the song of a swan reliefs any pain he has inside serve as hope. the Seafarer states how the Lord's Reward is more exciting than a life on Earth. Than the of passions the Earth will because someday, because it will not last forever. Fate is an outcome of what people
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