The Seafarer Analysis

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Excellent Exeter
(Three messages from the Exeter poems) “ It’s not being dissatisfied with your companion of the moment—your friend or lover or even spouse”(Shulevitz). In life there are many different types of people, there are people who like to go out and adventure. Or there are people who like to stay in their hometown and never leave because they get a sense of security. Or there are some people that love to be alone and others who get lonely quite easy. No matter what type of person you are there is nothing wrong with any of these personalities. It just depends on who you are. In the Anglo Saxon era there was many poems written about these topics. In the poems, The Exeter Book, there are three crucial messages that can be taken away. To begin, in the poem, The Seafarer, by Burton Raffle, there is a theme of alienation. In the first poem in the Exeter Book it's about a guy that feels like he doesn’t belong with anyone. He always has the feeling that he doesn’t fit in and he is extremely sad. In the poem, The Seafarer, Raffle suggests, “Alone in a world blown clear of love, hung with icicles” (Line 16-17). This mentions that the guy that is out on the sea is alone, he has nobody to love and will never have anyone. He doesn’t feel like anyone wants him. There will never be love for this seafarer. Younger infers,“Suffering is a particularly human experience that often brings with it loneliness or alienation from others” (Younger). This shows that people always seem to
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