The Search Engine By Sherman Alexie

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College may seem like a strange time in many people’s lives. For some, it is the best

time in their lives. For others, they are just glad they got through it. College in relation to one’s

identity is an interesting thing because it becomes such an important aspect of one’s view of

themselves. The New York Times covered this topic in a video called “Dream Catchers”.

Through the perspectives of four different people, the impact of a college education is explored.

In Sherman Alexie’s short story, “The Search Engine”, the same theme is explored through the

character of Corliss. Through these examples, and my own experiences, the themes of

individuality, independence, family, friends, and maturity will be dissected and related to the

concept of an individual’s identity created by a college education.

Individuality is an important aspect to one’s identity. As much as everyone wants to be a

part of something, there is also a great need to stand out and be one’s own person. In my

experience, there is a large part of me that is happy that I get to move to a new place all by

myself so that I can create my own life. This is essentially me trying to be my own individual

person, removed from the stereotypes I was put in when I lived under someone else’s roof. The

same goes for the character Corliss in Alexie’s short story, “The Search Engine”. Corliss likes to

live by herself so she can immerse herself in poetry without the critical voices of her…
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