The Search For A Healthcare Practitioner

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In the search for a healthcare practitioner, most individuals opt for a professional with extensive education, multiple years of practice, and specialization. When choosing a doctor, the promise of the knowledge of a true healthcare professional remains the single quality that many individuals consider most important. Although most doctors are highly educated in their fields and specialties and are completely capable of performing complicated surgeries and procedures, many patients still leave appointments feeling unsatisfied with their experiences. With such knowledgeable and skilled practitioners, the question may be asked as to why patients are often unhappy with their appointments and consultations. Effective communication, or the lack thereof, seems to act as the primary indicator of whether or not a patient leaves their appointment truly satisfied with the care and overall experience they receive in the doctor’s office. The utilization of communication skills such as respect and active listening in doctor-patient relationships leads to more effective care and higher patient satisfaction.
Although doctors’ communication competence rarely concerns patients prior to appointments, communication skills are needed to ensure a successful consultation. If a patient perceives a doctor as passive and unengaged in the appointment, frustration will inevitably result from the experience. To develop health communication skills, practitioners must excel in active listening and truly…
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