The Search For Competitive Advantage Within Global Retailing

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Critically review the search for competitive advantage within Global Retailing, paying particular attention to both inside-out and outside-in views of strategy. Use both appropriate theory and a range of company examples.
Global Retailing is one of the largest industry spread all over the globe, to meet needs of the consumers of all caste and religion. It is not necessary for a company to be physically to be present in the country to make transactions of goods or money. Instead, global retailers use the help of suppliers and local market to satisfy the needs. But now-a-days the trend is changing, retailers are now making and producing their own brand under their own shelter to meet their company’s respective motto and mission. When we talk about Global Retailers of International Retailers, we come across Walmart, Tesco, and Carrefour as the major industries responsible for Global Retailing. The grocery sale of top four retailers exceeded more than $600 billion in 2011, and I was forecasted to reach 2.5 times more in 2016. The Global Retailing operates in an oligopoly market because it is dominated by a few suppliers in the market.
Now, let’s talk about the topmost retailers below.
Walmart was the result of the ideology of a great man named Sam Walton in 1962 in United States. It has a revenue of $487 billion calculated in 2015 (Penton, 2015). This revenue comes from 11,156 stores located all over the globe (Penton, 2015). The strength of
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