The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

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Extraterrestrial Life Humanity has gazed at the star laden sky since the dawn of time, and one question has been asked with great frequency, are we alone in the universe? While humankind may never discover bipedal humanoid life forms as portrayed on the movie screen, the chance that microorganisms, bacteria, or other small forms of extraterrestrial life are greater than many think. This essay will explore what scientists search for, how they search, present sources who favor the possibility of life, those who deem it unlikely, and if life could exist in non-Earthlike conditions. What Humanity Searches For The search for extraterrestrial life can be quite Earth-centric, because humanity knows that because we exist here on Earth, we should begin looking for Earth-like conditions on other known worlds. However, space is unfathomably large, and our solar system contains only one planet with Earth-like conditions, Earth itself. However, scientists have broken down the search for extraterrestrial life into building blocks, core requirements that can help define and limit the search into the vastness of space. Energy Here on Earth, energy is created from the shuffling of electrons between molecules during chemical reactions. One such process occurs with light absorbing proteins in plant life by way of photosynthesis (Choi, 2014). This process of photosynthesis is one of the most important energy capturing processes on Earth, as plants directly absorb photons of radiant light
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